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What is the link between the subconscious and behavior?

Let's start by the beginning. As stated below: cognitive neuroscientists have proven that 5 of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions and behavior) is conscious. Meaning 95% of the reasons we do something, feel something, has to do with the subconscious and beyond.

All those elements are like stored below the surface, just like an iceberg is! You think you see the whole iceberg when looking at it above the surface. It looks enormous and imposing. yet you only seeing 5% of the truth!

Now if we look at the hidden part of the iceberg, or cloud as I like to refer to it, this is the part of you that holds most of the information that defines who you are. It isn't whom you are at the core but it is what made up all your experience on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic point of view.

Your cloud storage

Much of the information in your cloud storage is either outdated, affected by miscommunication, perspective, influences and other fun things. It can all feel very heavy bu hopefully there are solutions to override, transfer and update the cloud to be more aligned with yourself now! Fiona Life proposed many easy tools to help you overcome and realign your cloud. The whole concept behind the brand is to offer solutions, beauty and multi purpose tools and products for our modern living.

Everything in Life is Vibration. ” Albert Einstein

Get flowing

When something flows, it delivers abundance and power. When something is affected by like by emotional, physical, mental or energetic trigger, then it's blocked and obstructs flow. Bring back more flow and ease into your life!

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