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Flow, Energy Flow, Abundance

Make your life resemble a waterfall!

When you turn the faucet water will start to pour. The amount of water that flows depends on ho much you open the faucet and turn right.

Your energy flow

You are like a faucet. You need to turn right, spin right, be unobstructed by blockages, stressor and other influences in order to deliver and be able to have more flow in your life! More flow means more ease of movement, of thinking, of attraction, of success, of magnetism, of... more then you can think about. Only reason something doesn't work is because there are blockages. If stones fall from the mountain onto a road, that one is blocked. The more rocks, the harder it is to pass to the other side. Our bodies, energetic expressions and mental roadmaps are paved with stones. We don't even realize to which point we live a life of obstruction until we start questioning and trying to rise above them, above any limits we encounter.

Embody a waterfall!

Waterfalls are the most vibrant ecosystems. They don't only benefit the river and water bed, but all the fauna and life around it. It is the center of an ecosystem. When you start embodying a waterfall, you too add to your vibrance, capabilities and flow.

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