Since she was a child, Fiona has been blessed with unique abilities to see through people and things. She receives diverse visions and messages from above, God or whatever you want to call it. When she was 5 years old she had to start hiding those gifts as she was not being heard nor understood. This led her to blocking her voice, communication and insights. To deal with this trauma and have an outlet to express herself, she found comfort in all forms of creativity.

This became a refuge of her healing gifts and started crystallizing in her creations. Through her personal transformation she harnessed her gifts and pushed her abilities to new heights. She invented a new concept of Art called  Artceuticals : Medicinal & Transformational Art. Her creations use her energy healing abilities to stimulate the body's energy system. 

Creation and education have long been in there cornerstone of her daily life. Using her unique talents and understanding of people and places, Fiona wants to enhance people's lives by providing them with products and solutions for their needs. 

 Fiona always thrived to find a way to balance, enrich her life and that of others. From a young age, technology, fashion and design have been anchored in her mind. She thought to create "intelligent" lifestyle products that would both look great, feel amazing but also have a positive impact in your life. It first came form a personal need to enhance the objects and technology she was using and quickly became a modern lifestyle philosophy.

All products are kinesiology tested and can help increase happiness, inner and outer balance.