FIONA LIFE is a unique lifestyle brand combining Art, healing & wellbeing. 


Look great, feel amazing and impact your life with much needed positivity!



Fiona always thrived to find a way to balance, enrich her life and that of others. Since childhood she has a unique set of gifts, ranging from vision to energy healing. She knows what someone needs to reach their full potential. This led her to create a new revolutionary transformational tool combining Art and wellbeing: Artceuticals. Creating beauty, sharing the divine and transformation is what she loves to do. 


Yet when she was younger, she had to shut her voice and vibration to the world. She would see/know things that others didn’t understand. Therefore, this led her to doubt herself. For years, she was lost, only taking refuge in the world of creativity. She would try to fit in even if it went against her instinct. This caused her to give away her gifts and talents, renounce her abilities, alter her convictions, and get clinically depressed. This battle was very internal, and to anyone around her, she was doing well.


Then, she decided to start questioning everything and it led her to reconcile with God/The Light/Source and to attune to her gifts. This started her journey of self-discovery. She now helps others transform so they can be in alignment with themselves.