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FIONA LIFE has a unique lifestyle philosophy:

Enhance, Harmonize & Transform Your Life!

Fiona is a ​Transformational Fine Art artist, bestselling author, health and transformational coach, ordained Minister, Hado instructor and 200HR yoga certified. Finding ways to better herself, find harmony in the inner and outer world led her to foster bridges between fields, mediums and wisdoms.

Since childhood Fiona has a unique set of gifts, ranging from vision to energy healing. Sharing the messages she received weren’t well understood and she sought refuge in the world of creativity. She was living a fragmented life. When she started her journey of self-discovery, she decided to start questioning everything and it led her to reconcile with God/The Light/Source and to attune to her gifts. She started to assemble the pieces together in order to find wholeness; feeling more alive each step of the way. This led her to create a new revolutionary tool: Artceuticals, Transformational Living & Healing Art.


Creating beauty, sharing divine messages and transformation tools is what she loves to do. Now she helps others transform so they can be in alignment with themselves and reach their full potential! 

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