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        FIONA is the Vice President and Creative Director of Passion Sea, a nonprofit organization which promotes on an international scale the respect and preservation of water through education and creativity. 


Together with her mother, Helga Piaget, CEO and founder, she articulates the global effort to rehabilitate, restore and cherish the water of our planet. She combines creative, visual and educational elements as well as forges the connection between technology and nature. 

Passion Sea makes an impact around the globe in many ways: through art, education, films and books. They allow children to understand that: "Water is Life: is not only what we need, is what we are."

The organization is mounting collaborations with schools and different educational entities; establishing programs, finalizing a book series for children, revealing compelling facts and experiments as part of their educational progression. 

Respecting water helps children, who are in charge of the world of tomorrow, respect our planet as well as each other, a humanitarian endeavor which can build exponentially.

Part of the proceeds of the sales of the Lifestyle products go towards the nonprofit organization actions.