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        FIONA has started a new project dear to her heart to help people with severe illnesses. She is helping them find harmony through the use of Artceuticals: feel better and overcome challenges.

The body is intelligent and will react to stressors that are affecting it from the inside and its environment. Artceuticals can help attune the stressors and patterns that are affecting one body/mind/spirit connection. By doing so, the effects of the stressors diminish and the body/ mind/ spirit can feel more balanced.

Stress is the number one cause of disease in our society. Being able to diminish stressors is essential in treating illnesses and imbalances.

Artceuticals can help enhance peace, happiness and release blockages in patients. Love, care and compassion is essential especially in time of need. 

Part of the proceeds of the sales of the Fiona Life lifestyle products go towards the project actions.